It is well known that demons, possessions and unholy incidents happen at this time of the night and the folks of Redwood Creek Films came out with the idea of making a French anthology movie structured around the topic of 3:15 AM. It features 6 Found Footage segments by Freedom Films, Divine, Evelyne Phan, Nicolas … Continue reading “FRENCH FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR ANTHOLOGY “3:15 AM””

Film Review: COLD GROUND (2017)

COLD GROUND *** France 2017 Dir: Fabien Delage 86 mins In 1976 two journalists head to the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations, their footage would be used for a TV show. With the scientific team they were supposed to meet gone missing they are escorted by a British biologist and … Continue reading “Film Review: COLD GROUND (2017)”

Film Review: THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD (2018)

THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD ***** France 2018 Dir: Dominique Rocher 93 mins  Retrieving his belongings from his ex-girlfriends apartment, Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie) turns up just as his ex is throwing a party. Not quite in the party mood he shuts himself in a room and ends up falling asleep. When he awakes he … Continue reading “Film Review: THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD (2018)”

Film Review: CLICK BAIT (2007)

CLICK BAIT *** France 2007 Dir: Nicolas Bressier 73 mins Sarah gets the opportunity to act in an independent horror movie. Though not knowing much about the film and its crew she gets her boyfriend Daniel to drive her to the supposed location of the shoot. When they arrive there is nobody around but soon … Continue reading “Film Review: CLICK BAIT (2007)”

Film Review: DEVIL’S WEEKEND (2012)

DEVIL’S WEEKEND *** France 2012 Dir: Cédric Dupuis 78 mins How far is too far to make the greatest horror film of all time? In DEVIL’S WEEKEND we follow a young filmmaker who quits his job and invests his life savings into his horror project, much to the dislike of his partner. Hiring his friends … Continue reading “Film Review: DEVIL’S WEEKEND (2012)”