FRIGHTFEST 2015: DAY FIVE CURVE **** USA 2015 Dir: Iain Softley. 86 mins En route to Denver, Julianne Hough breaks down in the middle of nowhere, but the handsome stranger (Teddy Sears) coming to her rescue turns out to be an unwelcome combination of mechanically-handy and mentally-unstable. A trim, unpretentious two-handed thriller, CURVE initially echoes … Continue reading “”

FRIGHTFEST 2015: DAY THREE BAIT **** UK 2015 82 mins Dir: Dominic Brunt. “Emmerdale” star Dominic Brunt made an astute directorial debut with BEFORE DAWN, a zombie tale set against the dramatic backdrop of a failing relationship. His second feature similarly unfolds in a bleak post-recession Northern England town beset with misery and debt, and … Continue reading “”

FRIGHTFEST 2015: DAY TWO DEMONIC * USA 2015 Dir: Will Canon. 83 mins Things don’t look great when DEMONIC boasts the grammatical nightmare “James Wan Present Demonic” in its opening titles. The hackneyed flashback-heavy plot that subsequently unfolds predictably and desperately rides the coattails of Wan’s major directorial successes THE CONJURING and INSIDIOUS. Cop Frank … Continue reading “”

FRIGHTFEST 2015: DAY ONE CHERRY TREE *** Ireland 2015 Dir: David Keating. 90 mins Director David Keating and screenwriter Brendan McCarthy reunite from the excellent WAKE WOOD for this commendably sincere old-school British occult horror. Naomi Battrick is solid as a 15 year old virgin who enters into a sinister pact with hockey teacher / … Continue reading “”