Film Review: THE OAK ROOM (2020)

THE OAK ROOM *** Canada 2020 Dir: Cody Calahan. 90 mins The power of stories, how they are told and who they affect lie at the heart of this contemplative thriller. When RJ Mitte (‘Breaking Bad’) walks into a bar during a blizzard he is not a welcome visitor. He hasn’t been seen in over … Continue reading “Film Review: THE OAK ROOM (2020)”

THEY REACH available On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD

In the tradition of STRANGER THINGS and STEPHEN KING’S IT Its 1979, and a 13-year-old science nerd stumbles upon a possessed tape player and accidentally unleashes a demonic entity. She recruits her two best friends to fight the beast before it devours more souls in the small town of Clarkston. Mary Madaline Roe, Morgan Chandler, … Continue reading “THEY REACH available On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD”


Two nights of horror, all treats, no tricks, invading your home this Halloween. On the 30th and the 31st October, Grimmfest will host movie premieres galore with over four hours of content on each night. Ticket holders can tune in from 6pm each evening and watch the programme at their leisure with the ability to … Continue reading “GRIMMFEST ANNOUNCES HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS”

Film Review: AN IDEAL HOST (2020)

AN IDEAL HOST *** Australia 2020 Dir: Robert Woods. 84 mins From a witty script by Tyler Jacob Jones, debuting feature director Robert Woods (also nabbing credits for music, cinematography, editing and visual effects) has made an engaging riff on Carpenter’s THE THING within a broader satire of social mores. It follows a minor trend … Continue reading “Film Review: AN IDEAL HOST (2020)”

Film Review: URUBU (2019)

URUBU **** Spain 2019 Dir: Alejandro Ibanez. 90 mins The best known English title of one of the great 1970s horror films asks rhetorically “Who can kill a child?” Remade in Mexico in 2012 as COME OUT AND PLAY, Narciso Ibanez Serrador’s harrowing parable posits a violent juvenile revolt as the natural response to decades … Continue reading “Film Review: URUBU (2019)”