Film Review: AFTER DARKNESS (2019)

AFTER DARKNESS * USA 2019 Dir: Baton Silva. 87 mins The film follows a dysfunctional entitled family in an attempt to survive in their country estate after an unknown catastrophe causes the sun to die and plunge the world into darkness and cold. The family appears to be waiting for a “rescue” from an unseen … Continue reading “Film Review: AFTER DARKNESS (2019)”

Film Review: DON’T SPEAK (2019)

DON’T SPEAK ** USA 2019 Dir: Scott Jeffrey. 84 mins Here is a movie from the normally thrill filled house of Uncork’d that will lure all you killer thriller lovers into what starts as a good, eerie, dark and stalking film and then sadly diminishes into its own false web of insecurity. The lighting, which … Continue reading “Film Review: DON’T SPEAK (2019)”

Film Review: ISLAND ZERO (2018)

ISLAND ZERO *** USA 2018 Dir: Josh Gerritsen. 99 mins A remote fishing town on an island just off from Maine becomes cut off from the main land. Phone lines, internet and power is cut off and the ferry stops showing up. The islands inhabitants are already twitchy as their main source of income, fishing, … Continue reading “Film Review: ISLAND ZERO (2018)”

Hex Studios Announces Dark Fantasy Epic ‘Dragon Knight’

Best known for horror offerings such as Lord of Tears and The Devil’s Machine, UK genre house Hex Studios today announced a move into fantasy with their latest project Dragon Knight. Based on an original concept by Hex Studios’ Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly, the film is to be the first in an intended franchise. … Continue reading “Hex Studios Announces Dark Fantasy Epic ‘Dragon Knight’”

Film Review: CURSE OF THE BLIND DEAD (a.k.a. The Curse Of The Knight Templar) (2019)

CURSE OF THE BLIND DEAD (a.k.a. The Curse Of The Knight Templar) **** Italy 2019 Dir: Raffaele Picchio. 70 mins The film starts In the 14th century, with a group of Satanic worshipers, the Knights Templar, who have captured a women bearing a satanic mark giving birth to a baby that is used in a … Continue reading “Film Review: CURSE OF THE BLIND DEAD (a.k.a. The Curse Of The Knight Templar) (2019)”