Film Review: THE LURKER (2019)

THE LURKER *** USA 2019 Dir: Eric Liberacki. 80 mins An observant audience member would shake their head; perhaps even shut this picture off upon finding out that’s it is about a bunch of high school theatre students who are being bumped off by a serial killer at Crystal Lake High. Some may solider on … Continue reading “Film Review: THE LURKER (2019)”

Ten Times the Terror with KILLER RACCOONS! 2!

Killer Raccoons! 2! is the sequel everyone should fear. Filmed ten years after the original, director Travis Irvine (“Hail Yourself, America”) describes this title as “the best Christmas in July movie of all time.” Already released on Digital platforms, Killer Raccoons! 2! is one part Sharknado, one part Airplane! and one part Hot Shots! – … Continue reading “Ten Times the Terror with KILLER RACCOONS! 2!”

Film Review: CREPITUS (2019)

CREPITUS ** USA 2019 Dir: Haynze Whitmore. 83 mins Eli (Caitlin Williams) and her younger sister Sam (Chalet Lizette Brannan) are forced to move into their deceased grandfather’s house with their abusive and alcoholic mother (Eve Mauro). As they start to peel back the shadowy layers of their family history, they must also face the … Continue reading “Film Review: CREPITUS (2019)”


Spindrift is a U.S. psychedelic country western band. Recently, they travelled the American West for five weeks, where they exclusively performed in Ghost Towns and haunted locations. They documented all of their travels in the film SPINDRIFT’S HAUNTED WEST. Spindrift consists of: Kirkpatrick Thomas (lead vocals), Becca Davidson (guitar), Joe Zabielski (drums) and Riley Bray … Continue reading “INDICAN PICTURES RELEASES ‘SPINDRIFT’S HAUNTED WEST’”


THE TRANSCENDENTS is a mysterious thriller set in a musical world. Derek Ahonen’s debut feature follows Roger, a dark figure, who is in search of defunct indie rock band – The Transcendents. What he finds are the remnants of the disillusioned band and a mystery to uncover. THE TRANSCENDENTS stars The Go-Go’s Kathy Valentine, musician … Continue reading “IN SEARCH OF A MYSTERIOUS BAND WITH DEREK AHONEN’S ‘THE TRANSCENDENTS’”