Film Review: THE DAWNSEEKER (2018)

THE DAWNSEEKER ** USA 2018 Dir: Justin Price 81 mins  Five mercenaries are sent to an uncharted planet to get a rare mineral that will save the Earth. Once on the planet they are soon aware that they are being hunted by an alien stronger then anything they have encountered before. This alien known as … Continue reading “Film Review: THE DAWNSEEKER (2018)”


Before you head to the cinema to watch the new Predator movie (THE PREDATOR), why not come face to face with THE DAWNSEEKER! Directed by Justin Price (ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN), THE DAWNSEEKER is the fifth feature film from the director. The film stars Franziska Schissler, Alexander Kane, Jason Skeen and Khu. Synopsis: 2245, the Earth’s sun … Continue reading “MOVE OVER PREDATOR, HERE IS ‘THE DAWNSEEKER’”