Film Review: IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (2019)

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS *** UK 2019 Dir: David A Weiner. 264 mins There’s no doubting the affection behind this four hour celebration of 1980s horror: the title design is lovingly modelled on Carpenter’s THE THING, the synth score (by Weary Pines and New Retro Wave) is a spry homage to the period’s soundtracks and … Continue reading “Film Review: IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (2019)”

Film Review: GREMLINS (1984)

GREMLINS ***** USA 1984 Dir: Joe Dante. 104 mins Don’t be deceived by the slushy strains of Jerry Goldsmith’s “Gizmo” music, or the cuteness of the Mogwai themselves, for this Steven Spielberg production  – filtered through the warped imagination of horror loving director Joe Dante – is as dark hearted as any Christmas horror flick. … Continue reading “Film Review: GREMLINS (1984)”

Film Review: NIGHTMARE CINEMA (2018)

NIGHTMARE CINEMA **** USA 2018 Dir: Joe Dante, Mick Garris, David Slade, Alejandro Brugues, Ryuhei Kitamura. 119 mins At last: a really satisfying horror anthology movie. The framing story features projectionist Mickey Rourke intimidating those who stumble across his old-fashioned Rialto movie theatre and referring to himself as “the curator of a hundred years of … Continue reading “Film Review: NIGHTMARE CINEMA (2018)”

Film Review: KING COHEN (2017)

KING COHEN **** USA 2017 Dir: Steve Mitchell 110 mins Opening with J J Abrams clutching an IT’S ALIVE baby prop while relating an anecdote, this is a regaling feature documentary about one of modern horror’s smartest writer-producer-directors, made by the guy who wrote the vaguely Cohen-esque high concept splatter flick CHOPPING MALL. Described by … Continue reading “Film Review: KING COHEN (2017)”


The highly anticipated KING COHEN, the true story of writer, producer, director, creator and all-around maverick, Larry Cohen, will receive a full theatrical run across the U.S – including Los Angeles and New York – beginning 27th July courtesy of Dark Star Pictures. Cohen, best known for resourceful low-budget horror and thriller films that combine … Continue reading “HAIL TO THE KING BABY…’KING COHEN’ THAT IS”