Psychological thriller CALLBACK pre-production campaign goes live!

CALLBACK is a feature length psychological thriller indie film being made by FoxTrot Productions and HorrorScreams VideoVault with the film being shot in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. Focusing heavily on being a female driven movie the feature film stars Jennifer Nangle and Jackie Falcon as the lead characters Sonia and Jessica.   The film will … Continue reading “Psychological thriller CALLBACK pre-production campaign goes live!”

Gatorblade Films announces new project TOILET SHARK

Everyone loves a shark movie and what is scarier then a shark in the sea? A shark biting you while you are on the toilet… Toilet Shark is the latest movie produced by Gatorblade Films and is currently raising funds to the sum of $5000 via a Indiegogo campaign here Toilet Shark is described … Continue reading “Gatorblade Films announces new project TOILET SHARK”


We have been sitting on this news for a while but we can now reveal that a very well known face from THE EXORCIST has expressed serious interest in joining the cast of CALLBACK.     That’s right Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist, The Assent) will be cast in CALLBACK. We would love to have Eileen … Continue reading “‘THE EXORCIST’ STAR IS GETTING A ‘CALLBACK’”


Following the news we broke on the weekend about CALLBACK (News Here) we can let you know the next few people who have been cast in the film. Geovonna Casanova (Lake Of Shadows, Los Angeles Shark Attack) and Kristina Santiago (Holland Road Massacre: The Legend Of Pigman, Not Another Monster Movie) will both star in … Continue reading “CAST FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER ‘CALLBACK’ GROWS”

Film Review: CLOWNADO (2019)

CLOWNADO **** USA 2019 Dir: Todd Sheets. 100 mins Big disclaimer: I love killer clown movies. I also love disgusting, over the top gore. If you add big acting and truly likeable characters to the mix, well, you’ve got me for life. Enter: CLOWNADO. How a clownado? Why a clownado? Big Ronnie (John O’Hara) and … Continue reading “Film Review: CLOWNADO (2019)”