DANNY TREJO stars in 7-part sci-fi series PARAGON – Coming 2021 / First Look Trailer

Action superstar Danny Trejo stars in Pikchure Zero Entertainment’s new sci-fi action series Paragon : The Shadow Wars. In a world where Reapers take souls and demons bargain with humans for their place in the food chain, a new descendent named Jael has emerged. After centuries of civil unrest in the real world, a new … Continue reading “DANNY TREJO stars in 7-part sci-fi series PARAGON – Coming 2021 / First Look Trailer”

Film Review: ABOMINABLE (2020)

ABOMINABLE *** USA 2020 Dir: Jamaal Burden. 72 mins A group of scientific researchers arrive at a desolate research facility looking for answers as to what happened to the previous team, and hunt for a cure that will reshape history. There’s just one problem, to find the cure they will have to face the biggest … Continue reading “Film Review: ABOMINABLE (2020)”


This April, come face to face with stone-cold terror, ABOMINABLE on DVD and Digital 14th April from Uncork’d Entertainment.   Synopsis: A research team embarks on a journey to obtain a plant that can advance medical research by centuries. While stumbling upon clues of the previous expedition, they discover that a Yeti creature lurks within … Continue reading “ICY HORROR EXISTS IN ‘ABOMINABLE’”

Film Review: ELVES (a.k.a. Evil Elves) (2018)

ELVES (a.k.a. Evil Elves) ** U.S.A. 2018 Dir: Jamaal Burden. 77 mins A group of friends head to an unused warehouse to have a bit of a get together. While there, one of the group introduces a game involving an elf doll and the naughty list. As each person writes their name on the naughty … Continue reading “Film Review: ELVES (a.k.a. Evil Elves) (2018)”


  From filmmakers Khu and Justin Price, and starring Carter (Live Evil), David E. Cazares (The 13th Friday), Brittany Goodwin (“Murder by Numbers”) and Deanna Grace Congo (Alien : Reign of Man), witness THE MUMMY REBIRTH this summer from Uncork’d Entertainment! Synopsis: Two treasure hunters uncover a sealed tomb and awaken a mummy that has waited … Continue reading “A LEGEND RISES IN “THE MUMMY REBIRTH””