Film Review: THE UNHEALER (2020)

THE UNHEALER ** USA 2020 Dir: Martin Guigui. 94 mins Save for the support of one wealthy, pretty long-term friend (the appealing Kayla Carson), high school life is miserable for Pica-suffering Elijah Nelson. Unflatteringly nicknamed “Trash Boy” for his compulsion to eat almost anything, he takes solace in the love of Natasha Henstridge, now officially … Continue reading “Film Review: THE UNHEALER (2020)”

Film Review: D-RAILED (2018)

D-RAILED ** USA 2018 Dir: Dale Fabrigar. 80 mins A night of murder, mirth and mayhem is promised on the Halloween Murder Mystery train, a 20th century steam train populated for one night by a bratty adolescent, a flirty waitress and (in the murder-mystery performer section) a budding starlet, a crooked industrialist and an all-purpose … Continue reading “Film Review: D-RAILED (2018)”


D-RAILED is a suspense thriller starring veteran actor Lance Henriksen (ALIENS and The Terminator), international actor Frank Lammers (The Admiral), Shae Smolik (The Sandman), Carter Scott and Everette Wallin. Pascal Borno (Conquistador Entertainment) and Suzanne DeLaurentiis (Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions) team up once again to bring you D-RAILED. Synopsis: When a train derails into the river, … Continue reading “SUSPENSE THRILLER ‘D-RAILED’ DROPS OFF TRAILER”

Film Review: WEST OF HELL (2018)

WEST OF HELL *** USA 2018 Dir: Michael Steves 90 mins  Set in the late 1800’s a small group of people board a night train to Atlanta. Ex-slave Jericho Whitfield (Tony Todd) witnessed his daughter get scalped by his last master and is now on a killing spree to murder and scalp all slave masters … Continue reading “Film Review: WEST OF HELL (2018)”


The late great Wes Craven (SCREAM) planned to produce the third in his classic THE HILLS HAVE EYES franchise and let his son Jonathan take the directorial reigns but a last minute title change gave us MIND RIPPER instead of THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 3!! Starring the legendary Lance Henriksen (ALIENS) as a scientist … Continue reading “88 FILMS RIP YOUR MIND WITH THEIR LATEST RELEASE”