Film Review: 12 DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS (a.k.a. Mother Krampus) (2017)

12 DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS (a.k.a. Mother Krampus) *** U.K. 2017 Dir: James Klass. 90 mins Another Christmas horror enters the fold and with it a few surprising twists and turns can be expected. Opening with a narration of the eastern European story of Frau Perchta we are told that in the 12 days leading up … Continue reading “Film Review: 12 DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS (a.k.a. Mother Krampus) (2017)”

Film Review: THE SNARLING (2018)

THE SNARLING * UK 2018 Dir: Pablo Raybould. 83 mins Unworkably creaky jokes abound in this well-intentioned but laugh-light British horror comedy, in which THE OFFICE’s Joel Beckett is beset with problems while shooting a low budget zombie movie in a small English village. An early, heavy handed pastiche of the outstanding first reel of … Continue reading “Film Review: THE SNARLING (2018)”


ScreamWorks Records once again teams up with THE DRIFT composer James Griffiths to present his latest finely tuned chiller score on the Screamworks label. Directed by Richard Rowntree based on his 2015 short film, DOGGED (review here) is a “horror that deals with the sins of the past and their effects on the present. When … Continue reading “SCREAMWORKS RECORDS RELEASE FOLK HORROR SOUNDTRACK”

Film Review: BLOOD HARVEST (2016)

BLOOD HARVEST ** U.K. 2016 Dir: George Clarke 90 mins Not to be confused with the similarly titled 1987 movie THE BLOOD HARVEST, this film from George Clarke has often been compared to ONUS (by the same director) meets THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. In a small rural village evil has come to terrorize the locals … Continue reading “Film Review: BLOOD HARVEST (2016)”


Come, theres a lovely place by the lake….. In the tradition of THE CONJURING comes a critically acclaimed and genuinely frightening feature HOUSE ON ELM LAKE (review here), “chock-full of superbly scary imagery” and “oozing with atmosphere” (The Schlock Pit). Morbidly Beautiful describes the film as: ‘’The House on Elm Lake is a dark and … Continue reading “EVIL CAN BE FOUND AT THE ‘HOUSE ON ELM LAKE’”