Film Review: THE FINAL WISH (2018)

THE FINAL WISH ** USA 2018 Dir: Timothy Woodward Jr. 96 mins Well, this film from Cinedigm productions starts off spookily and horrifically with a gruesome and mysterious murder and then somehow never really found the right flightpath to whisk me away into what could have been a decent horror fantasy. I was left feeling … Continue reading “Film Review: THE FINAL WISH (2018)”

Film Review: THE HORROR CROWD (2020)

THE HORROR CROWD *** USA 2020 Dir: Ruben Pla. 92 mins Actor / director Ruben Pla is a jovial – if sometimes slightly intrusive – onscreen presence throughout this warm documentary, in which he interviews an assortment of friends and contacts within the Hollywood horror film community. The line of questioning is often as shallow … Continue reading “Film Review: THE HORROR CROWD (2020)”

Film Review: GOTHIC HARVEST (2019)

GOTHIC HARVEST * USA 2019 Dir: Ashley Hamilton. 82 mins The directorial debut for actor Ashley Hamilton – and written by Chris Kobin (of 2001 MANIACS and SNOOP DOGG’s HOOD OF HORROR) – this tedious New Orleans-set would-be horror picture at least allows co-producers Lin Shaye and Bill Moseley (both of whom deserve far better) … Continue reading “Film Review: GOTHIC HARVEST (2019)”


Experience true horror in THE FINAL WISH starring genre icons Tony Todd and Lin Shaye. Director Timothy Woodward Jr.’s THE FINAL WISH will be released in the UK on Digital HD by Signature Entertainment this May.   Synopsis: Final Destination meets Wishmaster. Following the death of his father, Aaron (Michael Welch) returns home to help … Continue reading “SIGNATURE ENTERTAINMENT RELEASING ‘THE FINAL WISH’”

Film Review: ROOM FOR RENT (2019)

ROOM FOR RENT *** USA 2019 Dir: Tommy Stovall. 81 mins Lin Shaye has been stealing scenes in all sorts of movies for decades, though for horror fans she has made a remarkable transition from cameos in New Line Cinema movies like A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET to the unique position of leading lady in … Continue reading “Film Review: ROOM FOR RENT (2019)”