This band is the epitome of Horror and Metal. They are Finnish legends LORDI!! This band of larger than life characters dressed from head to toe in leather and latex, not only perform songs influenced by the horror and monster movies of the 70’s and 80’s but pretty much live and breathe the genre entirely. … Continue reading “HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH: THE RISE OF FINNISH METAL GODS LORDI”

Film Review: MONSTERMAN (a.k.a. Monsterimies) (2014)

MONSTERMAN (a.k.a. Monsterimies) ***** Finland 2014 Director: Antti Haase 85 mins  This documentary started shooting in 2010 after Babez For Breakfast was released to document Lordi’s, or predominantly, Mr. Lordi’s struggle to keep the bands momentum going after the hype had died down from their Eurovision success. The director, Antti Haase, was a childhood friend … Continue reading “Film Review: MONSTERMAN (a.k.a. Monsterimies) (2014)”

Film Review: DARK FLOORS (2008)

DARK FLOORS *** Finland 2008 Dir: Pete Riski 85 mins This film features the LORDI band line up from The Arockalypse era, of course, playing themselves, as the monster element of this film. The main plot is centred in a hospital, a father, Noah Huntley (28 Days Later, Dracula Untold) takes his wheelchair bound Autistic … Continue reading “Film Review: DARK FLOORS (2008)”

Film Review: THE KIN (2004) (Short Film)

THE KIN ** Finland 2004 Dir: Lauri Haukkamaa 33 mins This horror short was co-written by Mr. Lordi and starred himself and the band line up from The Monsterican Dream era in fact this film originally was only released on the special edition of said album, but I did manage to find it on YouTube. It … Continue reading “Film Review: THE KIN (2004) (Short Film)”