Film Review: THE NEIGHBOUR (2016)

THE NEIGHBOUR *** USA 2016 Dir: Marcus Dunstan. 87 mins  Another stripped-down, brutal latter-day B movie from the talented duo of Patrick Melton (co-writer) and Marcus Dunstan (co-writer / director), though it’s not as much fun as their splendid COLLECTOR movies or even the best of their SAW sequel collaborations. Josh Stewart, sleepy-eyed tough guy … Continue reading “Film Review: THE NEIGHBOUR (2016)”

WATCH OUT FOR ‘THE NEIGHBOUR’ The writer/director and star of hit horror films The Collector and The Collection team up again for another wildly effective and ruthlessly nasty trapped-in-the-house thriller, that could almost be the third in the series. As before, director Marcus Dunstan puts his star Josh Stewart through hell as a war vet … Continue reading “”