Film Review: LOVE ME NOT (2019) (Short Film)

LOVE ME NOT *** USA 2019 Dir: Michael Coulombe 11 mins  On Valentine’s day, set to a romantic operatic number, is a table decorated with candles, rose petals and notes of love. A young woman has invited all of her ex’s over as she tries to get through to her current boyfriend that she will not … Continue reading “Film Review: LOVE ME NOT (2019) (Short Film)”


Michael Coulombe, director of the short films STALK and SOUNDBITE returns with another short film, LOVE ME NOT. Written by Brantley J Brown, LOVE ME NOT, is Horror House’s new film about love and heart break. Directed by Michael Coulombe and stars two amazing Latin actors Vanessa Esperanza as ‘Jenny’ and David Blanco as ‘Brad’. … Continue reading “A NEW SHORT HORROR FILM RELEASED BY HORROR HOUSE”

Film Review: STALK (2018) (Short Film)

STALK *** USA 2018 Dir: Michael Coulombe. 5 mins An effectively executed horror short from L.A. based filmmaker Michael Coulombe, following his earlier work for Horror House Media, SOUNDBITE. This is constructed around one of the most prolific of all modern horror movie set ups: a woman (Kara Schaaf) walking home from a party on … Continue reading “Film Review: STALK (2018) (Short Film)”

Film Review: SOUNDBITE (2018) (Short Film)

SOUNDBITE **** USA 2018 Dir: Michael Coulombe. 4 mins The latest from prolific filmmaker Michael Coulombe – released through his YouTube channel – is a marvellously unsettling exercise in minimalistic horror. A young woman (Taylor Murphy-Sinclair) immersed in the technological world that consumes us all (earphones, laptop, Smart Phone) receives an audio file accompanied by … Continue reading “Film Review: SOUNDBITE (2018) (Short Film)”