Film Review: JURASSIC THUNDER (2019)

JURASSIC THUNDER *** USA 2019 Dir: Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick. 84 mins Just imagine a movie that has everything you could hope for…. zombies, weaponised dinosaurs, aviator sunglasses, cheesy music and Donald Trump, well look no further! What’s that you say ?!!? Does it have dodgy CGI, a ridiculous plot and more racist stereotypes than … Continue reading “Film Review: JURASSIC THUNDER (2019)”


High Octane Pictures will release the fun new horror film JURASSIC THUNDER, written and co-directed by Milko Davis (TSUNAMBEE) on DVD and Digital this March. Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton star in a film by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick.   Synopsis: When a covert desert base is forced to divert World War … Continue reading “FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ‘TSUNAMBEE’ COMES ‘JURASSIC THUNDER’”

Film Review: ZOMBIESAURUS (a.k.a. Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead) (2017)

ZOMBIESAURUS (a.k.a. Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead) ** USA 2017 Dir: Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick 82 mins From the director of the very questionable snorefest Tsunambee comes the equally dodgy but absolutely hilarious Zombiesaurus!!!! An evil scientist tries to take over America by master minding an EMP asteroid attack which takes out all electronic devices. Stranded in … Continue reading “Film Review: ZOMBIESAURUS (a.k.a. Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead) (2017)”

Film Review: TSUNAMBEE (a.k.a. Waspnado) (2015)

TSUNAMBEE (a.k.a. Waspnado) * USA 2015 Dir: Thomas Martwick, Milko Davis. 82 mins The gimmicky title implies a SHARKNADO-style camp fest, but the grim reality is a talky, embarrassingly self-serious misfire that opens with a quote from the Book of Revelations alongside portentous sub-GLADIATOR music. Thereafter, we witness the discovery of over-sized bees in a … Continue reading “Film Review: TSUNAMBEE (a.k.a. Waspnado) (2015)”


From the makers of TSUNAMBEE (a.k.a Waspnado) comes a film 66 million years in the making…’THE JURASSIC DEAD‘. Wild Eye Releasing have recently released this film which is part JURASSIC PARK and part THE WALKING DEAD, with a T-Rex turning everyone it attacks into a zombie! Summer has arrived and it is all about the Z-Rex! The film stars … Continue reading “WILD EYE RELEASING FIGHT ‘THE JURASSIC DEAD’”