TV Terrors: ON THE TRAIL OF UFOs – Mini-Series

ON THE TRAIL OF UFOs **** USA 2019 Episodes 1-8 Dir: Seth Breedlove. 263 mins For a thorough and enjoyable expose of a very large, unattainable and yet very human subject look no further than Seth Breedlove’s intense, sometimes disturbing but always gripping documentary about the mysteries of the ancient and modern subject of ufology. … Continue reading “TV Terrors: ON THE TRAIL OF UFOs – Mini-Series”

Film Review: UTUKKU (2018) (Short Film)

UTUKKU **** Canada 2018 Dir: Mathieu Laprise. 15 mins A bite size mini-series, unfolding here in three 5 minute chapters, this has an affecting performance by Leanne Desilets as a downtrodden high school student, frequently bullied by Principal’s daughter Zeneb Blanchet and initially seen forcibly shut in her own locker. Desperately seeking some kind of … Continue reading “Film Review: UTUKKU (2018) (Short Film)”


Small Town Monsters have released their new miniseries On The Trail Of UFOs on Blu-ray/DVD, Amazon and Vimeo. The final trailer for the series gives viewers a glimpse into the astonishing numbers of locations and mind-bending interviews documented. The latest production from Small Town Media founder and director Seth Breedlove, On The Trail Of UFOs … Continue reading “SMALL TOWN MONSTERS GO ‘ON THE TRAIL OF UFOs’”

TV Terrors: DRACULA – Mini-Series

DRACULA *** UK 2020 Directed by Jonny Campbell, Paul McGuigan, Damon Thomas. Written by Mark Gattis, Steven Moffat. 3 x 90 minute episodes. With exterior shots employing the same castle as Herzog’s NOSFERATU and interiors filmed at Hammer’s beloved Bray Studios, Mark Gattis’ love of classic horror is all over this ambitious BBC Stoker adaptation, … Continue reading “TV Terrors: DRACULA – Mini-Series”

TV Terrors: WORLD ON A WIRE – Mini-Series

WORLD ON A WIRE ***** West Germany 1973 Dir: Rainer Werner Fassbinder 204 mins You may not have heard of WORLD ON A WIRE but its themes and its influence on films like THE MATRIX, BLADE RUNNER and tv series like WESTWORLD can be seen. Beautiful looking sets that would make Stanley Kubrick weep with jealousy are seen throughout this dystopian … Continue reading “TV Terrors: WORLD ON A WIRE – Mini-Series”