Film Review: THE UNHEALER (2020)

THE UNHEALER ** USA 2020 Dir: Martin Guigui. 94 mins Save for the support of one wealthy, pretty long-term friend (the appealing Kayla Carson), high school life is miserable for Pica-suffering Elijah Nelson. Unflatteringly nicknamed “Trash Boy” for his compulsion to eat almost anything, he takes solace in the love of Natasha Henstridge, now officially … Continue reading “Film Review: THE UNHEALER (2020)”

Film Review: RAVERS (2018)

RAVERS ** UK 2018 Dir: Bernhard Pucher. 90 mins This frenetic Cardiff-shot horror comedy is essentially a riff on 28 DAYS LATER inspired by tabloid moral panics about energy drinks and mindless clubbers. A manufacturing faux pas at the “Regenerize” factory (where I, DANIEL BLAKE’s Dave Johns works!) increases the potency of the drink and … Continue reading “Film Review: RAVERS (2018)”


Party like there’s no tomorrow with RAVERS, the blissfully violent and drug-addled horror set in the shady underground of illegal raves! A group of clubbers descend on an abandoned warehouse for a night of twisted techno and hedonistic drug-taking, but the illegal rave takes a blood-stained turn for the worse when the whacked-out partygoers discover … Continue reading “BLUE FINCH FILM RELEASING PRESENTS TWISTED HORROR ‘RAVERS’”

Film Review: GHOSTS OF MARS (2001)

GHOSTS OF MARS *** USA 2001 Dir: John Carpenter. 98 mins One of Carpenter’s least admired movies, this formed part of his cycle of 90’s FX-driven studio movies and was also one of the decade’s under-performing big budget Mars movies. It’s a knockabout horror-infused action movie with a great cast, told in flashback by Mars … Continue reading “Film Review: GHOSTS OF MARS (2001)”