Film Review: THE ZOMBINATOR (a.k.a. Dead Z) (2012)

THE ZOMBINATOR (a.k.a. Dead Z) * USA 2012 Dir: Sergio Myers. 83 mins A fashion blogger and college student in Youngstown, Ohio hires a documentary team to follow her about as she talks about life in their town. Taking the team to visit a prolific murder site they think they see something lurking around by … Continue reading “Film Review: THE ZOMBINATOR (a.k.a. Dead Z) (2012)”

Film Review: CLASS OF 1999 (1990)

CLASS OF 1999 **** USA 1990 Dir: Mark L Lester. 92 mins Mark Lester’s non-sci-fi CLASS OF 1984 gets filtered through a nihilistic, post-ROBOCOP sensibility: in the near future, gang violence in schools has escalated to the extent that Kennedy High in Seattle is a Free Fire Zone the police refuse to enter. In response, … Continue reading “Film Review: CLASS OF 1999 (1990)”