Cult director Rene Perez in production for action-horror ‘The Vampire and the Vigilante’

Action / Horror director Rene Perez is back for Blood Here are the first images from the in production action / horror movie titled The Vampire and the Vigilante Starring Michael Pare, Emily Whitcomb Samantha Kruse and is Produced by Joseph Camilleri. Michael Pare is known for classics like ‘Eddy and the Cruisers’ and ‘Streets of … Continue reading “Cult director Rene Perez in production for action-horror ‘The Vampire and the Vigilante’”

Film Review: CRY HAVOC (2020)

CRY HAVOC **** USA 2020 Dir: Rene Perez. 85 mins In this sequel to 2017’s, Playing With Dolls: Havoc, CRY HAVOC is an 85 minute thrill ride of blood, breasts, and terror! Rene Perez has given CRY HAVOC a unique and twisted take in this slasher film, and bringing Oliver Muller on for Special Effects … Continue reading “Film Review: CRY HAVOC (2020)”


Robert Bronzi, the star of DEATH KISS and Once Upon A Time In Deadwood, faces his deadliest opponent yet in CRY HAVOC – available this May On Demand. Written and directed by Rene Perez, CRY HAVOC also stars Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop) Emily Sweet, and J.D. Angstadt.   Synopsis: An ambitious young reporter is granted … Continue reading “ROBERT BRONZI IS BACK IN THE SLASHER FILM ‘CRY HAVOC’”

Film Review: DEATH KISS (2018)

DEATH KISS **** USA 2018 Dir: Rene Perez. 87 mins A graduate of the PLAYING WITH DOLLS franchise, writer / cinematographer / composer / director Rene Perez has crafted an affectionate, highly enjoyable homage to 1970’s vigilante cinema – and specifically, the post-DEATH WISH career of Charles Bronson. He brilliantly casts Hungarian actor Robert Bronzi … Continue reading “Film Review: DEATH KISS (2018)”


Filmed in Northern California, DEATH KISS stars Robert Kovacs (who has gained attention for his uncanny resemblance to well-known action star Charles Bronson), Daniel Baldwin (JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES), Richard Tyson (KINDERGARTEN COP, TWO MOON JUNCTION), Eva Hamilton (horror fest fave RUIN ME), Stormi Maya, Leia Perez, Reese Austyn, and Sam Story. DEATH KISS concerns a … Continue reading “JUSTICE HAS A FAMILIAR FACE IN ‘DEATH KISS’”