Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)

FRIED BARRY *** South Africa 2020 Dir: Ryan Kruger. 96 mins Waking one morning after a bender, Barry (Gary Green) is quite alarmed at the notion that he can’t remember the night before which his family assumes is nothing out of the ordinary. Still, being plagued by bad dreams and the insistence that something has … Continue reading “Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)”

Film Review: I AM REN (2019)

I AM REN *** Poland. 2019. Dir: Piotr Ryczko. 75 mins Hack attacks on large companies, institutions; even countries, are part of organized warfare. The idea of how to deal with everyday tech is dealt with astonishing melancholia in the Polish film I AM REN (2019), also known as JESTEM REN and PANCACEA. This stylish … Continue reading “Film Review: I AM REN (2019)”

Fabulous Films releases IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE

Fabulous Films have released the sci-fi classic It Came From Outer Space on to DVD & Blu-ray in the UK. Lauded by Spielberg, with music from Henry Mancini and a Golden Globe for Barbara Rush…It Came From Outer Space is a science-fiction classic that is as thought provoking and tantalising today as it was when … Continue reading “Fabulous Films releases IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE”

Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)

LX 2048 ** USA 2020 Dir: Guy Moshe. 103 mins In a near-future world, the threatening rays of the Sun have turned deadly, causing widespread death and destruction to Earth forcing the surviving inhabitants into their homes. Forced to utilize VR technology to stave off the toxicity of their daytime environments, Adam Bird (James D’Arcy) … Continue reading “Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)”

Film Review: POSSESSOR (a.k.a. Possessor Uncut) (2020)

POSSESSOR (a.k.a. Possessor Uncut) ***** UK / Canada 2020 Dir: Brandon Cronenberg. 103 mins Son of David, Brandon Cronenberg, follows up his debut ‘Antiviral’ (2012) with another moody, body horror mind-fuck of the sort that made his father famous. The senior member of the family may have left the genre largely behind him but, like … Continue reading “Film Review: POSSESSOR (a.k.a. Possessor Uncut) (2020)”