SamHel releases Shane Ryan’s never before seen 2008 film

SamHel releases Shane Ryan’s never before seen 2008 film, Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D: Inside the Head, as Erotophonophiliac: Documents of a Lust Murderer “Using footage originally shot in 2008 for the unreleased parody film, Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D: Inside the Head, by director Shane Ryan, SamHel takes that footage from Ryan, and weaves his own twisted … Continue reading “SamHel releases Shane Ryan’s never before seen 2008 film”

Film Review: PHILIA (2020)

PHILIA *** UK 2020 Dir: Sam Mason-Bell, Tyler Sage, Chris Milewski, Shane Ryan and Lilith Singson, Toby Hyder, Steven Longhurst, Tony Newton, Maude Michaud, Mike Reed. 96 mins Philia is an anthology of 8 short films looking at abnormal desire or obsession in their own unique way. We open upon a man discussing the subject … Continue reading “Film Review: PHILIA (2020)”

Film Review: AMERICAN VIRUS (2015) (Short Film)

AMERICAN VIRUS *** USA 2015 Dir: Shane Ryan. 6 mins A fast and furious short that follows a zombie outbreak on the streets of America. After the initial panic there are reports that the area has been successfully contained and quarantined although this may not be for long. A group of freedom fighters as such … Continue reading “Film Review: AMERICAN VIRUS (2015) (Short Film)”


AWESOMELY RIGHTEOUS & RADICAL ** USA 2020 Dir: Luc Bernier, Jason Ewert, Dustin Ferguson, Dean Houlihan, Oliver Jolliffe, Shane Ryan, Matti Soikkeli, Aaron Stielstra, Jim Towns. 101 mins As the title suggests this homage and love affair with the 80’s VHS boom only serves as a hollow love affair. Shane Ryan presents this pastiche assortment … Continue reading “Film Review: AWESOMELY RIGHTEOUS & RADICAL (2020)”

Film Review: DACRYPHILIA + HEMATOLAGNIA (2019) (Short Film)

DACRYPHILIA + HEMATOLAGNIA **** USA 2019 Dir: Shane Ryan, Lilith Singson. 7 mins The prolific Shane Ryan is no stranger to controversy having made the Amateur Porn Star Killer trilogy to name the most known of his films. Shane Ryan’s short film DACRYPHILIA + HEMATOLAGNIA plays like the twisted visions of a biblical nightmare. Broken … Continue reading “Film Review: DACRYPHILIA + HEMATOLAGNIA (2019) (Short Film)”