Severin Films releases Italian Sharksploitation CRUEL JAWS

Severin Films have released Bruno Mattei’s insane Sharksploitation CRUEL JAWS on DVD and Blu-ray. He defied all laws of good taste and international copyright with SHOCKING DARK and ROBOWAR. He reset the bar for batsh*t crazy ItaloHorror with RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR and HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. And in 1995, legendary director Bruno Mattei … Continue reading “Severin Films releases Italian Sharksploitation CRUEL JAWS”

Film Review: SKY SHARKS (2020)

SKY SHARKS **** Germany 2020 Dir: Marc Fehse. 110 mins After being teased of this upcoming Nazi zombie/flying shark combo for what feels like a good couple of years now the wait is finally over! SKY SHARKS has been released into the wild premiering here in the UK as the opening movie of this year’s … Continue reading “Film Review: SKY SHARKS (2020)”

Gatorblade Films announces new project TOILET SHARK

Everyone loves a shark movie and what is scarier then a shark in the sea? A shark biting you while you are on the toilet… Toilet Shark is the latest movie produced by Gatorblade Films and is currently raising funds to the sum of $5000 via a Indiegogo campaign here Toilet Shark is described … Continue reading “Gatorblade Films announces new project TOILET SHARK”


Okay, so we’ve all seen JAWS; let’s just get that out of the way before we go any further. We are not discussing Jaws here… Still with us? Excellent. Shark movies are a staple of many genres in film, from horror and thrillers to Sci-Fi and slasher fare. The Great White is up there with … Continue reading “10 AWESOME SHARK MOVIES YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER SEEN”

Franchise Corner Entry: JAWS

JAWS ***** USA 1975 Dir: Steven Spielberg. 124 mins Streamlined from Peter Benchley’s tackier, bloodier novel, Spielberg’s trend-setting summer blockbuster is more monster movie than revenge-of-nature flick: this shark isn’t avenging anything; it’s just eating the cast because it’s a monster in a monster flick. Said shark is demonized by John Williams’ famously menacing chords … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: JAWS”