Film Review: STRAY (2019)

STRAY **** Russia 2019 Dir: Olga Gorodetskaya. 90 mins The ‘Evil Child’ subgenre is alive and well in the horror film. Unfortunately, we may see more real cases as the pandemic rages, taking a toll on the well-being of the young. Obviously, not to the extent of this film; however, the seeds are being sown … Continue reading “Film Review: STRAY (2019)”

Film Review: STRAY (2018) (Short Film)

STRAY **** Australia 2018 Dir: Dean W Law. 14 mins A stark, sombre short with a ballsy, literally full-frontal central performance from Melinda Joan Reed. After three years away, wounded WWII soldier David Breen returns home to find his house ravaged, his wife (Reed) naked and in some state of shock and a strange stray … Continue reading “Film Review: STRAY (2018) (Short Film)”