Film Review: A NOISE THAT CARRIES (2019) (Short Film)

A NOISE THAT CARRIES **** Canada 2019 Dir: Guillermo de la Rosa. 15 mins Venezuelan born, Toronto-based filmmaker Guillermo de la Rosa (and drummer for the band Xaviera) makes his horror film and English language debut with this genuinely chilling short inspired by “Staircase”, an episode from “The Knifepoint Horror” podcast by Soren Narnia. It … Continue reading “Film Review: A NOISE THAT CARRIES (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: PATTERNS (2019) (Short Film)

PATTERNS *** Canada 2019 Dir: Bj Verot. 8 mins This chilly Canadian short film nods to modern technophobic sci-fi and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and has a fine lead performance by Steven Ratzlaff. The impressively ominous extended opening tracking shot prowls around a festively adorned home from the outside. Family man Ratzlaff gets an ominous message … Continue reading “Film Review: PATTERNS (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: TURBO KILLER (a.k.a. Carpenter Brut: Turbo Killer) (2016) (Short Film)

TURBO KILLER (a.k.a. Carpenter Brut: Turbo Killer) ***** 2016 Dir: “Seth Ickerman” (a.k.a. Raphael Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard. 4 mins Three years before the 2019 festival hit BLOOD MACHINES, directors Raphael Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard made this music video with musician Carpenter Brut. It’s a visually extraordinary (shot by Philip Lozano), dialogue-less, 80’s infused mini sci-fi … Continue reading “Film Review: TURBO KILLER (a.k.a. Carpenter Brut: Turbo Killer) (2016) (Short Film)”

Film Review: FLIP (2019) (Short Film)

FLIP **** New Zealand 2019 Dir: Jessica Grace Smith. 13 mins Funded by the New Zealand Film Commission through its “Fresh Shorts” program, this Wellington-shot film unfolds fifty years in the future where prisoners are barcoded and subjected to retinal scans and a mother named Flip (played by writer-director Jessica Grace Smith) and daughter named … Continue reading “Film Review: FLIP (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: LA NORIA (2018) (Short Film)

LA NORIA ***** Spain 2018 Dir: Carlos Baena. 12 mins Writer-director-editor Carlos Baena has worked in animation for two decades with Industrial Light and Magic and Pixar, which means that his C.V. includes titles like TOY STORY and JURASSIC PARK. LA NORIA, made in collaboration with over 100 other international artists, is from his own … Continue reading “Film Review: LA NORIA (2018) (Short Film)”