Film Review: THE AFFLICTION TABLE (2018) (Short Film)

THE AFFLICTION TABLE *** UK 2018 Dir: M W Daniels. 15 mins Here’s a strikingly visualised mood piece from the rising, London-based writer-director-composer of BEING WITHOUT, HOUSE OF LEXI and EMILY’S HANDS. Daniels’ oppressively ominous score forms a major part of this oblique short’s overall effectiveness – as does the sound design in general, compensating … Continue reading “Film Review: THE AFFLICTION TABLE (2018) (Short Film)”


Hitting film festivals this year comes the short film THE AFFLICTION TABLE, written, produced and directed by M W Daniels who also composed the music. Synopsis: William Hayden (M W Daniels) is an s/m fantasist and occultist, he dreams of his ultimate woman (Holly low played by Kimberley Thornhill) walking through the park and invokes her … Continue reading “‘THE AFFLICTION TABLE’ COMING TO FILM FESTIVALS”