Julia Ormond Stars in REUNION: In Theaters + VOD/Digital on 5th February

Dark Sky Films proudly announces the 5th February release of psychological thriller REUNION. Below you will find the premiere of the US trailer.   “Reunion is the kind of intimate familial horror that resonates in any era. It pairs will with contemporaries like Ari Aster’s Hereditary, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, and Natalie Erika James’ Relic. … Continue reading “Julia Ormond Stars in REUNION: In Theaters + VOD/Digital on 5th February”

Film Review: KILLER SOFA (2019)

KILLER SOFA *** New Zealand 2019 Dir: Bernie Rao. 81 mins Pedants of the world unite: it’s not a killer sofa, it’s a homicidal, insanely jealous reclining chair. Writer-director Bernie Rao had his original, wittier titles (MY LOVER, MY LAZY BOY and the wonderful THE FURNISHING) nixed and had to settle for something more marketable … Continue reading “Film Review: KILLER SOFA (2019)”

Film Review: RED ROOM (2017)

RED ROOM * Ireland 2017 Dir: Stephen Gaffney. 95 mins Red Room — uncompromising, uncomfortable and brutal, but is it worth it? Red Room is the directorial debut of Stephen Gaffney, it tells the story of Kyra (Amy Kelly), a young woman snatched from the streets during a night-out and introduced to a world of savagery and … Continue reading “Film Review: RED ROOM (2017)”

Film Review: THE 11TH PATIENT (2019)

THE 11TH PATIENT *** USA 2019 Dir: Derek Cole. 80 mins Is fear all in the mind? And can it be controlled? Some of the answers you seek may lie within this film that starts with us joining some kind of strange psychiatric hospital in a fear laden offering from Uncork’d that rolls at you … Continue reading “Film Review: THE 11TH PATIENT (2019)”

Film Review: RAVAGE (2019)

RAVAGE ** USA 2019 Dir: Teddy Grennan. 77 mins After escaping a harrowing confrontation, photographer Harper Sykes (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) lies in bed talking to Superintendent Slayton (Michael Weaver) about what led her there. Regaling the story about her latest assignment documenting nature in the area, she ends up stumbling across Nash (Eric Nelson) killing a … Continue reading “Film Review: RAVAGE (2019)”