VIPCO release Official Poster for AMITYVILLE HEX

Cult label VIPCO are excited to announce that they have acquired the latest in the Amityville franchise for UK distribution. AMITYVILLE HEX was Directed by Tony Newton,  who also wrote the film alongside Shawn C. Phillips. Shawn C. Phillips, Sarah Schultz, Rheanon Nicole, Josh Schultz, Ken May, Chad Ridgely, Marcia Do Vales, Lloyd Kaufman, George … Continue reading “VIPCO release Official Poster for AMITYVILLE HEX”


Join us this Saturday for a live Halloween Special Event WitchCast Learn the secrets of Witchcraft from real witches! As they reveal the secrets of witchcraft and try to evoke the spirits of the dead! This coming Halloween night 31/10/2020 October 31st at 8:00pm MST / 11:00pm EST USA Set a date in your diary … Continue reading “LIVE WITCHCAST TONIGHT!”

GRINDSPLOITATION is back! Filmmakers Wanted!

Your short film could be featured in the new Grindsploitation Movie! Tony Newton’s Grindsploitation is back! Troma are currently taking submissions for Grindsploitation 9: Revenge of the Schlock and Grindsploitation 10: Milkin’it! The long running cult Troma film series featuring short horror films, faux trailers and everything Grindhouse! Submit your faux trailers and short film(s) … Continue reading “GRINDSPLOITATION is back! Filmmakers Wanted!”

60 SECONDS TO LIVE (Filmmakers Wanted)

Countdown the horror! 60 Second Horrors The creators of 60 Seconds to Die film series Tony Newton (Vestra Pictures) has decided to create a new anthology horror film full of 60 second scares! So many filmmakers have been asking me to resurrect this concept as its perfect for filmmakers of all levels to shoot something … Continue reading “60 SECONDS TO LIVE (Filmmakers Wanted)”


Vestra Pictures and Mort House Films production will be allowing the public to watch DARK WEB: MYSTERY BOX free for 7 days. DARK WEB: MYSTERY BOX is a film by Tony Newton and Josh Schultz. The movie stars: Shawn C. Phillips, Tony Newton, Josh Schultz, Sarah Schultz, Julie Anne Prescott, Dane Keil and Rheanon Nicole, … Continue reading “‘DARK WEB: MYSTERY BOX’ A HORROR FILM SHOT IN ISOLATION”