Film Review: THE 11TH PATIENT (2019)

THE 11TH PATIENT *** USA 2019 Dir: Derek Cole. 80 mins Is fear all in the mind? And can it be controlled? Some of the answers you seek may lie within this film that starts with us joining some kind of strange psychiatric hospital in a fear laden offering from Uncork’d that rolls at you … Continue reading “Film Review: THE 11TH PATIENT (2019)”

Film Review: ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR (2020)

ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR * USA 2020 Dir: J. Jones. 83 mins Still struggling with her traumatic past, hotshot agent Matt Blake (Tommy Nash) and his girlfriend Brittany (Aubrey Reynolds) decide to get together with their friends Tyler (Omar Gooding) and Angela (Naina Michaud) for a fun get-together which begins to trigger Brittany’s past. Playing … Continue reading “Film Review: ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR (2020)”

THE RETREAT – The Wendigo stalks this November!

There’s something waiting in the mountains this November. The Wendigo takes to New York in Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Retreat! From director Bruce Wemple (Monstrous), and starring Grant Schumacher, The Retreat will be available on DVD and Digital November 10. Set in the Adirondack High Peaks of Upstate New York, two best friends. Gus and Adam, … Continue reading “THE RETREAT – The Wendigo stalks this November!”

SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN // The truth about Bigfoot revealed!

From filmmaker Darcy Weir, and featuring frighteningly true encounters with Bigfoot, Sasquatch Among Wildmen coming this November from Uncork’d Entertainment. Throughout history, ape-like humanoids have appeared in myths and legends of cultures from around the world. The best known wildmen that people still say they see roaming the wilds of North America are known as … Continue reading “SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN // The truth about Bigfoot revealed!”

THEY REACH available On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD

In the tradition of STRANGER THINGS and STEPHEN KING’S IT Its 1979, and a 13-year-old science nerd stumbles upon a possessed tape player and accidentally unleashes a demonic entity. She recruits her two best friends to fight the beast before it devours more souls in the small town of Clarkston. Mary Madaline Roe, Morgan Chandler, … Continue reading “THEY REACH available On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD”