Paul Mormando Joins The Cast of Robert Resto’s ‘Z Dead End’

The cast is rounding out on the Zombie Film Z Dead End ahead of a planned shoot in Los Angeles , Early Next year, with action star Paul Mormando (Bound By Debt) rounding out the ensemble cast which already includes George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Robert Lasardo (The Mule) actress Felissa Rose (SleepAway … Continue reading “Paul Mormando Joins The Cast of Robert Resto’s ‘Z Dead End’”

Film Review: BLOOD QUANTUM (2019)

BLOOD QUANTUM **** Canada 2019 Dir: Jeff Barnaby. 96 mins Set in the early 80’s the indigenous people of the Red Crow tribe situated in the Mi’gMaq reserve begin to notice that animals such as dogs and fish that have recently died are coming back from the dead. It is not long before this zombie … Continue reading “Film Review: BLOOD QUANTUM (2019)”

Film Review: ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE (2019)

ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE **** USA 2019 Dir: Anthony C. Ferrante. 86 mins As summer starts at a sleepy beach side resort all is not well under the ocean. An earthquake splits the ocean floor causing a sunken ship containing reanimated deceased human test subjects to wreak havoc on the bay. Fisherman Hunter (Ian Ziering), friend … Continue reading “Film Review: ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE (2019)”

Dawn Of The Dead ‘the zombie movie to end ’em all’ rises again in ‘Limited Edition 4K UHD’ and ‘Limited Edition Blu-ray’

‘Undoubtedly the zombie movie to end ’em all’ Time Out DAWN OF THE DEAD LIMITED EDITION 4K UHD RELEASE & LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY RELEASE ‘One of the best horror films ever made…gruesome, sickening, disgusting, violent, brutal and appalling…also brilliantly crafted, funny, droll, and savagely merciless’   ‘Cynical, devastating and relentless, George A. Romero’s gruelling masterpiece…a brilliant … Continue reading “Dawn Of The Dead ‘the zombie movie to end ’em all’ rises again in ‘Limited Edition 4K UHD’ and ‘Limited Edition Blu-ray’”

Gory Books are coming, pre-order now!

Introducing Gory Books, a series of children’s book-style adaptations of iconic horror properties from Broke Horror Fan, 215ink, and Witter Entertainment. The debut installment is based on George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Explore the foundations of fright through intriguing illustrations by Will Perkins (Dark Horse Books) and poetic prose by Mike D. … Continue reading “Gory Books are coming, pre-order now!”