PERVERT! *** USA 2004 84 mins

“The following movie has been rated Horny 14 – Pregnant women and men who already have an erection should leave the theatre now…” reads the opening announcement of this engagingly silly homage to the mammary-fixated career of Russ Meyer, with hefty doses of Troma, John Waters and Herschell Gordon Lewis thrown in. College student Sean Andrews returns home to find his mad-sculptor dad has married an outrageously busty, much younger woman, whom he almost immediately gets it on with until a bizarre murder spree spoils everybody’s fun.
Busy with innuendo, exuberant bouncing-boobs, comedy sound effects, gay Nazi mechanics and drop-kicked small children, this captures the tacky look and sound of a grubby old school sex n violence drive in picture. Bouts of OTT fake gore punctuate the many unclothed buxom women, and the second half is particularly enjoyable as the hero’s toothy stop-motion animated penis detaches itself so it can scurry around chasing women. This delightfully expressive rampaging todger, coupled with some priceless dialogue make PERVERT a lot of fun. “If the good Lord had intended women to drive, he’d have equipped them with common sense instead of tits!”
Review by Steven West

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