A few months back we covered the beginning of the making of this British independent film by Mol Smith here. Half way through shooting and expected to begin the long editing process at the end of September and with a proposed running time of 105 minutes, ‘The Lorelei’ is based in Oxford a place surrounded by rivers but most people really know the city as either the place where they filmed Inspector Morse or for its seat of university excellence and privilege. But the surrounding countryside is more like Norfolk: flat, over abundant with canals, streams, lakes, and rivers.

The Lorelei focuses on that habitat with a tale that spins through the secret underbelly of the Oxford establishment, plus powerful and wealthy people.

Someone is killing the men of Oxford. Daniel Osman (Kemal Yildirim) is hired by the inherited rich daughter of one of the victims to find out who is doing the killing.
She is enigmatic, sensual, and beautiful. Daniel has a chequered past as a fired police officer, but he is also shortly to become one of the hunted.

The story itself is a quirky mix of Twin Peaks, meets Inspector Morse, and Lady In Black.
The characters are all intriguing. From Elizabeth (Tessa Mcginn) running an escort agency to Martin (Mel Mills), a tough and misogynous detective, they bring their own stories and relationships into a mysterious and highly stylised mix of intelligent horror and mystery.

As you would expect from a Film production company called Sex and Death movies, there will be sex, death and nudity.

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