HAZARD JACK ** USA 2014 Dir: David Worth. 82 mins

Thrill-seeking college students – among them a stereotype assumed “dyke”, a couple of goofy self-styled studs, bimbo porn-star types called Muffy and Barbie who show their big fake tits and a black filmmaker wannabe who name-drops Oren Peli – pick an abandoned hospital for a place to play war games / fool around. Recently laid-off construction-worker / Afghan war veteran with anger issues and extreme PTSD dons a welder’s helmet and picks them off.
Some of recent filmdom’s most irritating characters buy the farm in a movie rife with nudity and spurting gore as the vastly muscular, Brick Shithouse-style killer offs folks with nail guns, power drills, etc. There is a pleasant throwback to the traditional slasher movie sex-and-death style in the form of two freshly-beheaded shagging lovers continuing to fuck even after they have been decapitated. The attempts at sincere emotional stuff in the love scene between Geeky Guy (not a geek) and Dykey Girl (not a dyke) as they both remove their unattractive glasses, is about as embarrassing as it gets. It’s slickly done for a no-brain, no-frills slash-em-up, by the director of some of those SHARK ATTACK movies.

Review by Steven West

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