As fans of the Horror genre we will always welcome a new book on the scene covering any aspect of blood curdling terror, whether it be the Gothic style of Hammer or the silent films of the 1920s. Well this British book coming from the creators of WE BELONG DEAD magazine will focus on the 1970’s and what a host of writers it has contributing including our very own Steven West.

At 400 pages long and with over 70 chapters covering super 8 films, magazines, books, model kits and much more from the 1970’s this is sure to be a book to sit on your coffee table and enjoy over and over again. Every page is beautifully illustrated throughout and will be a limited print run at the price of £35. It is to be released 20th December 2015.

Just look at the contents of the book below and go pre-order 70S MONSTER MEMORIES:


4    Foreword Dez Skinn
8    The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of Eric McNaughton
12  For The Love Of Print & Paper Vincent Simonelli
16  The Most Important Decade of My Life John Llewellyn Probert
 25  Zoinks!! (Or How I Would Have Got Away With    It, If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids!)
 Steve Gerrard
 29  Horror Film Books of the 70s Ian Taylor
 35  The World of Horror Cranston Macmillan
 39  Aurora – The Golden Age of Monster Models          Robert Morganbesser
 45  BBC Death & Horror Sound Effects LP Daz            Lawrence
 47  He Was A Teenage Movie Critic – David Pirie        Darrell Buxton
 53  Fanzines of the 70s Richard Klemensen
 57   A Time It Was:Dez Skinn Interviewed on House    of Hammer Tony Earnshaw
 65   Something In The Night: The BBC Christmas        Ghost Stories Matthew E. Banks
71   Super 8mm – A Personal Journey Through The History of Horror At Home  Darren Allinson
81   Famous Monsters A Go-Go. An Interview With The Legendary Basil Ernie Magnotta
84   Horror On Vinyl Daz Lawrence
90   A New World of Gods & Monsters – The Books of Dennis Gifford Tom Woodger
94   The Monster Times For Changing Times J.M. Cozzoli
100  An Invitation To Scaryland:The Horror Film Books of Alan Frank Tony Earnshaw
104  The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires LP David Flint
105  Dave Swift, Memories of a Monster (Toy Collector) Stephen Jacobs
115  The 70s Works of Nigel Kneale Graham Payne
119  Remembering Famous Monsters Jim Knusch
124  Horror in the Cinema Stephen Mosley
126  The Price of Fear…Brought To You by Vincent Price Peter Fuller
131  King Kong in Birmingham! Dave Swift
132  Horrors From Screen to Scream Paul Sparrow-Clarke
138  La Cabina:Allegory of an Era Daniel Arana           Garcia de Leaniz
140  Softly, Softly Catchy Ripper. Barlow & Watt and the Investigation of the Whitechapel Murders Clare Smith
145  Scary Humour with Cracked’s For Monsters Only  J.M. Cozzoli
148  Monster Movie Reference Books:The 1970s Explosion Dustin Jablonski
151  “Our Latest Diversification….” Hammer Presents Dracula Tom Woodger
155  When A 10 Year Old Boy Met the Universal Monsters David Brilliance
160  Horror Food Daz Lawrence
166 Lorrimer Publishing. Cinema of Terror, Catastrophe, Kung Fu, Freaks, Vampires, Mystery & Monkeys! Darrell Buxton
172  Poster Magazines Richard Gladman
178  Memories of the Loch Ness Monster Timothy Mitchell
182  Reference Guide to Fantastic Films:An Appreciation Darrell Buxton
186  The Books That Made Us Scream – An a-Z Guide to 70s Tie-Ins Dawn & Jonathon Dabell
203  Quasimodo’s Monster Magazine Cranston Macmillan
207  I Was A Teenage Monster Kid Tony M. Clarke
213  Public Information Horror Daz Lawrence
217  Tele-Horrors of the 70’s:Fearsome Highlights Troy Howarth
232  “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Wallet!” Steven West
238  1970’s Horror Vinyl:Releases in the U.S. Ryan Brennan
246  The House of Hammer – A Personal Journey Tim Greaves
252  Memories of A Pictorial History of Horror Movies Peter Benassi
256  Marvel Comics & the Monsters by Moonlight Martin Dallard
260  Memoirs of a 70’s Monster-Kid Ernie Magnotta
277  Peter Underwood:The Legendary Ghost Hunter Who Wrote the First Biography of Boris Karloff Ben Underwood
281  Cinefantastique – The Most Fantastic Magazine of All Time Robert Morganbesser
283  Thriller by Brian Clemens Perry Thomas
286  Horror Top Trumps Daz Lawrence
292  My Journey Beyond the Vincent Price Screen Adventures Peter Fuller
294  The Books of Calvin T.Beck Douglas Whitenack
296  Legend Horror Classics Cranston Macmillan
299  Horror Double Bills Neil Ogley
310  Monsterkid Models of the 70’s Eric McNaughton
312  Horror in Four-Colours Jules Boyle
318  The Film Classics Library Eric McNaughton
319  Movie Monsters – The Magazine with a Mortality Rate Darren Allinson
323  But Was It Aaaaaarrrt?! David A. Brooks
327  The New Avengers. The Acceptable Face of 70’s Horror Cleaver Patterson
332  Collecting Movie Posters David McConkey
337  Mego Mad Monsters Michael Hauss
338  The Horror People Stephen Mosley
341  For Adults Only!  Cranston Macmillan
345  Terror on the Tube. American TV Horror Movies of the 1970’s Steven West
355  Dracula Paperbacks Eric McNaughton
356  No Cure for Crabs (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Enjoy the Pulp Paperbacks of the 1970’s) Steven West
364  The Thirteen Monsters of Aurora Martin Cage
368  The Dark Shadows Paperbacks Eric McNaughton
369  Monsters of the Movies Magazine R. Bruce Crelin
374  Monsters of the Movies – The Mystery of Issue 2 Cover Pierre Fournier
379  Shock Theatre Cards David Flint
380  Creature Feature Cards Eric McNaughton
381  Appointment With Fear Wayne Kinsey
390  Afterword Alan Frank
392  Contributors Biographies

That is a lot of content right there and is sure to be a quick sell out so pre-order your copy here:


What you waiting for? Get out those flares put on some vinyl and boogie on over to get this book now.

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