SWAMPHEAD ** USA 2011 Dir: Dustin Drover, Justin Propp 75 mins

The opening scene of ‘SWAMPHEAD’ has a snorkeler recovering a lost relic thus resurrecting the severed head of Robert Gross a.k.a. Swamphead. With his dismembered head resurrected he will now go on a rampage chomping and biting on those who stand in his way. Unfortunately the founder of the relic will be the first to go being disemboweled by the head and leaving him in a pool of his own faeces and blood. After this we meet our lead Steve and his friend Marty who was the neighbour of the floater in the pool. Deciding that they should get away they decide to go on a camping trip with Megan and Nastalgia and Megan’s ever crapping retard brother Haun.
The camping trip itself is definitely not a memorable one as Haun leaves his excrement everywhere and the only bit of fun comes from Steve and Megan getting jiggy in a tent. After what has got to be one of the worst camping trips ever is ruined further by ‘SWAMPHEAD’ rearing his ugly face for the final showdown.
For the most part this film is a fun 75 minutes long, not taking itself seriously and using its ‘not so’ special effects to add further amusement. If you like boobs well this has got them, unfortunately for you heterosexuals out there they come in the shape of our chubby character Marty Silo. Overall ‘SWAMPHEAD’ does what it sets out to do and fans of trashy flicks will love it, those who aren’t a fan of non-studio glossy horror pictures will most likely be diverted.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins

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