SEED OF DARKNESS ** Malaysia 2006 103 mins Dir : Michael Chuah

Yan and her young daughter Ying Ying move into a dilapidated building where there seems to be few residents apart from a man who owns a camcorder and a man who makes friends with Yan very easily. Though they have moved for the peace and quiet things don’t seem quite right as cupboards open up on there own and Yan feels uneasy in areas of the building.
Soon Ying Ying says she has seen her father, now this can not be possible as Ying Ying is an IVF baby which Yan explains but Ying Ying is adamant she can see and speak to her father……ooh very ‘THE SIXTH SENSE‘. Ying Ying’s father tries to lure her away from her mother by nearly making her jump off the roof of the building. Yan doesn’t take this very well and soon sees other strange things around the buildings and she feels like she is cracking up. As Yan goes in search of the details of the donor of the sperm she finds out far more about her friendly neighbour and about her self then she would probably like to. Unfortunately the last 20 minutes is the best part of the whole film. The main character is supposed to be a psychologically damaged person who becomes unravelled throughout but her expression never changes. As with most Asian horrors you will have some similar themes but where the originals of ‘THE RING‘, ‘DARK WATER‘ and even ‘THE EYE‘ were hugely successful this was just technically a great film but the storytelling and the pace of the film lets it all down.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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