SHARK EXORCIST ** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Donald Farmer 70 mins

After directing his segment ‘Thicker Then Water’ in the anthology film ‘HI-8: HORROR INDEPENDENT 8‘, Donald Farmer’s next directing job would come in the form of ‘SHARK EXORCIST‘ which he also wrote.
The opening of the film has a nun calling on Satan due to the world betraying her and she wants her vengeance. As she cries out to the dark lord a girl comes out of nowhere trying to stop the nun and gets stabbed, then her body gets thrown to the shark who has glowing red eyes and is now the nun’s weapon of vengeance. Jump forward a year and the lake called Paris Landing has had similar attacks but will that stop people from going in the water don’t be so silly. What follows is a girl being attacked by the demon shark thus now becoming another villain for the film. Soon an exorcist is called in to rescue the girls soul and save the town from this retched beast. I can forgive a silly concept, maybe even sillier sfx but mix that with terrible acting we are just heading into dangerous territory. In fact the best acting comes from the cgi shark now that should say something once you see the shark. Full of pretty girls you would be surprised to hear that there is no nudity in the entire movie, in fact the closest you get is girls in bikinis. Apparently this films budget was $300,000 where that money was spent is a pure mystery. Donald Farmer has been making films for sometime now so you would expect ‘SHARK EXORCIST‘ to be a fun filled ride of exploitation goodness and silly one liners but what we are ultimately left with is a dud of a film. Still the title of the film, its poster and its tagline will get people hooked. Purely for people who are keen on seeing another entry in the scraping the barrel cycle of shark movies.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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