ALL THE DEVIL’S ALIENS (a.k.a. DEVILS IN THE DARKNESS) *** U.S.A. 2013 106 mins Dir : Daniel Falicki

The third feature film by Daniel Falicki is a mixture of sci-fi, horror, thriller and melodrama that at moments feels like you are watching a classic Alien episode of The X-Files which is never a bad thing. Michael Hill is a medical student who is taking on a caring position to earn some extra money to pay his way through his studies.
The man he has to care for is a recluse and hasn’t been seen in years but he is often heard being abusive to those who take care of his needs. When he arrives at the home a previous nurse is leaving and is visibly shaken by her experience in the house, not even having the time of day to answer Michaels questions. Upon approaching the front door he is greeted by Robin a female nurse who has been doing the job for quite some time, she soon shows him the ropes of what to do and not to do. When she goes to take care of the recluse patient, Michael soon realises that she has been gone a long time and his uneasiness in the house is pushed even more as he sees things in the shadows. He soon climbs the stairs to confront the patient about Robin’s disappearance but finds that he won’t tell him. This sends Michael into a frenzy and the patient goes off on one too talking about Alien abductions and that ‘they’ were always out to get him. It soon all comes to a dramatic finale that proves the patient may not have been quite as mad as first thought. The director has made a film that has a certain atmosphere about it that alot of mainstream horror films tend to forget about. The only real complaint about this film is that it is far too long and could be trimmed down a bit as some of the conversations throughout don’t lead anywhere. Still it is worth a watch and will keep those who like their slowburn films impressed.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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