NAKED FEAR *** U.S.A. 1999 Dir: Greg Lamberson 79 mins

Agoraphobic Camden’s life consists of nothing more then just spending time at his home and seeing his family lawyer every once in a while at his home. Soon he tires of being alone and seeks a roommate that will give him company and be his friend. Randy is the person he chooses but soon Camden realises that maybe he has picked the wrong person to live with.

This late 90’s film by ‘SLIME CITY‘ director Greg Lamberson won’t be for everyone especially the gorehounds out there. ‘NAKED FEAR‘ sees the director explore the idea of someone trapped within his own home not by a criminal but by his own agoraphobia. Camden (Robert Sabin) gets a roommate to give him company and at first all seems normal with Randy (Tommy Sweeney) as he is friendly and helpful. So helpful in fact that when a guy breaks in Randy kills the guy and this puts Camden at ease, after all whats a dead body between friends. But when Camden gets a girlfriend (Julie, played by Peggy Crown) Randy becomes jealous and believes that Camden is going to dump his friendship for the girl. So Randy’s real side comes out and he goes on a murdering rampage but he does have a weakness, he is claustrophobic which Camden uses to his advantage to escape his demented roommate. Camden finds sanctuary with his girlfriend but unfortunately Randy has got free and is out to kill his girlfriend. Camden must now stand up to his former roommate once and for all or risk losing his girlfriend forever. This is probably Lambersons lowest budget film at this time and although in places it shows the story has you gripped enough that you can look past it. It is nice to see the two leads from his previous films come together in one film. Another fine effort by Lamberson even if some of the dialogue is laughable at times.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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