CURSE OF THE DEVIL *** Spain / Mexico 1973 Dir: Carlos Aured. 81 mins

At what looks like Witchkill Fest, 1573, witchfinder Daninsky (Paul Naschy) has his bloodline cursed by a sorceress as she burns; in the modern day, one of his descendants (Naschy again)unwittingly kills a gypsy man while hunting a (were)wolf just as nude, well proportioned brunette Ines Morales writhes around plotting his damnation.
On Walpurgis, Naschy gives her refuge after finding her unconscious on the road and, naturally, within approx. 0.4 seconds, they’re shagging. Employing a wolf skull, her own blood and a cleavage-tastic gown, Morales puts her plan into action while Fabiola Falcon and her even hotter, younger blonde sister Martiza Olivares stumble upon our accursed, soon to be wolfy hero. Olivares is outrageously flirty (“I came here a virgin. I’m not going to leave that way…” is the best come-on line of the 70’s) in this diverting, fun entry in the Naschy-Daninsky wolfman series, though some of her dialogue sets the feminist movement back by around five centuries : “I wouldn’t want to get bored – females are like that!” It’s full of naked beauties and standard-issue 70’s bush, while old-school dissolves convey the various werewolf transformation scenes, including a moment in which Naschy turns into his Chaney Jr-inspired wolfman midway during a sex session with Olivares. It climaxes in a suitably lively, Universal-inspired fashion with a good old fashioned mob of angry villagers in pursuit of the monster.

Review by Steven West

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