Saturday, 25 February 2017


THE PLAGUE DOCTOR is a psychological thriller set in Venice, Italy. The film's dark atmosphere is inspired by stories and legends tied with the historical figure of the Plague Doctor, a mysterious Venetian mask, and with Poveglia, an ancient island of the Venetian Lagoon, well known for its gruesome events.

The feature film will be directed by Emanuele Mengotti who directed a teaser video for the feature. You can see the video at the Indiegogo page here.


Upon being called to care for an elder, a young doctor finds himself trapped by deranged visions. The echoes of a timeless love cause him to mix reality with the obscure legend of a haunted Venetian island and the ancient Italian mask of the plague doctor. 

This campaign will help to fund pre-production for the project and to find its real audience!

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Find more information on the film by checking out the films official website:

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