Film Review: COMMUNE (2016) (Short Film)

COMMUNE **** UK 2016 Dir: Thomas Perrett. 17 mins

Tom Weller is recruited to look after a rundown, 1930’s North London building, formerly a hippy commune and the kind of place where it feels like you’re never alone.
Apart from the city noise, he is soon hassled by spooky nightmares, Uri Gellar-style bent cutlery and the never-welcome, pervasive sound of a disembodied voice saying “Join us”. Writer / director / editor Perrett makes excellent use of the widescreen frame and nerve-jangling sound-design, with an effectively ominous recurring figure in the shadows and even the discovery of a Ladybird book contributing to the escalating sense of dread. An extremely well crafted short chiller.

Review by Steven West

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