GELOSIA: VENDETTA D’AMORE *** Germany 2016 Dir: Alberto Barone 27 mins

Sexploitation has its admirers across the globe, but in recent years many film makers have shied away from showing too much sex in favour of appealing to the masses. Welcome the short film GELOSIA: VENDETTA D’AMORE to the mix which gives us enough bouncing breasts to appease all. The storyline is a simple one:
Sex obsessed alcoholic Thomas has an accident while driving back from a party, which is unfortunate for his wife as she becomes heavily disfigured with burns to the side of her face. Thomas no longer sexually attracted to his wife, kicks her out and has sex with various women in an effort to fulfill his erotic fantasies. Only thing is sometimes life’s mistakes have a way of coming back to haunt you. As you can tell the film is about revenge, but those who love to see women in their full naked form will get plenty to see. You get a nun with possibly the biggest breasts any nun could have, the dominatrix, a naughty secretary and a internet call girl. So the sex quota is definitely filled more in this film then Thomas’s drink glass. Lead actor Milton Welsh (Thomas) is suitable in the role of a sex obsessed drunk and although he doesn’t have to do alot, he manages to get you to hate his character in all his sleaziness. The film has the prestige of winning the ‘Best Erotic Film’ at the Alternative Film Festival Spring 2017. Though this short film is around the 22 minute mark (once you have taken off the beginning & end credits) even in its short time the film packs a punch that sexploitation lovers will find enjoyable.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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