Film Review: GOOD MORNING CARLOS (a.k.a. Bom Dia Carlos) (2015) (Short Film)

GOOD MORNING CARLOS (a.k.a. Bom Dia Carlos) * Brazil 2015 Dir: Gurcius Gewdner 17 mins

Predominantly the film is Carlos wandering around the streets trying to relieve his bowels of the mass of crap he has inside him. Unfortunately for Carlos his body will not allow him to expel these foul smelling demons from his anus and everything comes up through his mouth.
This is shown through nearly the whole of the 17 minutes of this short film with Carlos vomiting various colours of fluid with his troublesome stools. The short film itself is a prequel to PAZUCUS: ISLAND OF VOMIT AND DESPAIR and though that film is far superior this short film has its moments. It is interesting to watch as alot of the scenes are shot in places that the public are still walking through, and their bewilderment is just as funny as what is going on front of screen. If you decide to watch this prepare to be sickened, its not for those with a weak stomach… Carlos.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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