Film Review: #FROMJENNIFER (2017)

#FROMJENNIFER **** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Frank Merle 85 mins

Struggling actress Jennifer Peterson (Danielle Taddei) is cast in a new horror film but when things don’t work out she is back looking for work. Her manager Chad Wolfe (played by CANDYMAN‘s Tony Todd) reveals she lost out to someone bigger then her because they had internet presence. Chad’s advice to Jennifer is to get her own presence on the internet, get recognised and then the roles will begin to come in for her. Unfortunately for Jennifer, her ex has uploaded a sex tape and now Jennifer is getting attention but not the type she wanted.
With some advice from her internet famous friend Stephanie Hart (Meghan Deanna Smith) she embarks on a grand scheme to make a video and become a viral sensation. Hiring Butch (FRIDAY THE 13TH‘s Derek Mears) as her muscle, she tracks down men who post revenge sex tapes on the internet and make them star in their own videos closing in a bloody conclusion. This is part three in the name only ‘Jennifer’ series of films, beginning with TO JENNIFER (2013) and followed by 2 JENNIFER in 2016. While the character Jennifer is mentioned in the first two movies its not until the third movie we actually meet Jennifer and she is played with psychopathic glee by Danielle Taddei. The whole movie was shot on GoPro cameras, adding into the whole vlogging style of the movie. This works perfectly and wouldn’t have worked if they stuck to traditional filming methods. Every character is played wonderfully by all involved, with Derek Mears and Tony Todd showing sides to their acting abilities rarely seen. The whole wanting to be ‘internet famous’ is obviously being poked at alot throughout, and with Meghan Deanna Smith’s over excitable character Stephanie Hart making it just a little more realistic. Being the third in this series of films you would expect the ideas to start drifting off but the tone of this movie is more comedy with just the right touch of horror to please everyone. An indie film that is well shot, cast, written and directed, what more could you ask for.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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