Out now on VOD is Joseph Lavender’s terrifying supernatural thriller GHOST WITCH from Wild Eye Releasing.

In the tradition of INSIDIOUS and THE CONJURINGGHOST WITCH tells of a group of investigators that spend the night at the house where one of them was attacked as a child by the spirit of a murdered Native American girl.

Based on true events. Mattie enlists a group of paranormal investigators to spend the night at the haunted house where she was attacked by an angry spirit as a child, and where a Native American girl was brutally murdered two centuries ago. Once there, they are stalked and possessed as the truth about what happened there is revealed, as they all become unwilling participants in the ghost witch’s plan for vengeance.

Starring Mandi Christine Kerr (The Walking Dead) and Gregory French (The Walking Dead, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sleepy Hollow).

GHOST WITCH is available now on Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, In Demand, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, Fandango, Sling, Vudu.

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