SRS continue to dig deep into their library of films and for their next limited edition Blu-ray, they have pulled out a cult classic in Tim Ritter’s sleaze masterpiece CREEP.

The shot on video movie was first unleashed in 1995 and has seen a few different versions in various releases since, but SRS is returning to the first edition with this one for the best possible source materials.


Angus Lynch, a psycho, escapes from prison and hooks up with his stripper sister named Kascha. Some death ensues eventually leading Angus to cross paths with a police captain named David who has a daughter named Jackie and whose wife was murdered when she was a child. 

First ever bluray release (professionally run and silk screened labeled BD-R) for this cult classic from director Tim Ritter and actor Joel D. Wynkoop, and the cast includes the notorious Kathy Willets.

The title is expected to ship mid to late October and is limited to just 100 copies ever.

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