French found footage horror anthology 3:15AM crawls out of the dark with 6 tapes of pure terror – introducing new French indie filmmakers.


The witching hour, when evil comes out to play.

Have you ever found yourself particularly creeped out to notice that your late night trips from the bed to the bathroom usually take place around 3AM? Well, there’s a reason why. The hour between 3AM and 4AM is referred to as “the witching hour” because it’s thought that paranormal forces are at their strongest during that time. The history behind this comes from the fact that the Catholic church’s prayers and services are marked by the Canonical hours, which are three hours in length. Between 3AM and 4AM there were no prayers, making it prime time for evil forces…
– Kelly McClure

It is well known that demons, possessions and unholy incidents happen at this time of the night and the folks of Redwood Creek Films came out with the idea of making a French anthology movie structured around the topic of 3:15AM.

It features 6 found footage segments by Freedom Films, Divine, Evelyne Phan, Nicolas Delage, and David Tillault. Paris based director Fabien Delage (Dead Crossroads, Fury of the Demon, Cold Ground) is behind the project and is also directing one segment entitled “The Grove”.

The movie is currently in post-production and will be completed next year for a release in 2018. In the meantime, indulge yourself in the nightmarish trailer for 3:15AM below.

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