Film Review: BLACK GHOSTS (2015)

BLACK GHOSTS ** Sweden 2015 Dir: Andreas Marawell 97 mins

BLACK GHOSTS is a film that sees us follow Maya as she seeks to get back in touch with her dead lover Lucy. This includes isolating herself in a cabin in the woods for days and getting closer to nature, and doing rituals to see if she can make contact with Lucy on the other side. When Maya falls asleep she is met by the mysterious Black Ghosts who say they can bring Lucy back from the dead.
Maya in her hopes of seeing Lucy again continues on doing her rituals but she is unaware how dangerous the Black Ghosts can be. Andreas Marawell has directed a film that is very well shot which is unsurprising given that his career thus far has been mostly in cinematography. Imagine if someone got a chance to visually record your dreams, the disjointed twists and turns, that is the best way to describe BLACK GHOSTS. It is slow going and the majority of the film is led by actress Sandra Karinsdotter as Maya, who mostly says Lucy alot but plays her role as a depressed lover well. Stick with it though if you want to see a Swedish horror mystery oddity that is sure to have its fans but most will walk away scratching their heads at what they just watched.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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