Film Review: FORWARD (2016)

FORWARD *** Mexico 2016 Dir: Henry Bedwell 92 mins

FORWARD is one of those films that hooks you in from the beginning and won’t let go even after the credits have rolled. A bold statement for sure but in this case it is true as this film sticks in my mind. The film follows two assassins who have been assigned the task of taking down a target who had the audacity of messing around with their bosses new girlfriend.
As the assassins make their way stealthily through the building their target is supposedly in, they find that things aren’t as normal here as things first seem to be. Reality and their worst nightmares merge to form a frightening trip that will drag them to hell and back. Not everything is what it seems to be in this well written and filmed horror from Mexico. Those who are familiar with the survival horror video games from the 1990’s, especially Alone In The Dark, Silent Hill and the first Resident Evil will find lots to enjoy here. I say this because the film is filmed almost like you are in a video game, whether this was intentional is another matter but that is what came to mind when watching FORWARD. Lighting is on point throughout, giving you just enough to make you jump at shadows. Those seeking a film that will keep you thinking long after it has finished should check this horror out immediately.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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